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"The spiritist book is a blessed beacon that points directions in the night of passions and opens paths in the dense jungle of ignorance, freeing the being from his inferiority and driving him forward."  

Divaldo Pereira Franco


  The liberating message of Spiritism explains the vigor of the spiritist publishing market, not only in terms of book sales, but above all because of the exuberant number of works.

Spiritist thought arouses wide interest in all those who seek to understand the meaning of life and the role of death in the light of its consoling affirmation of the plurality of existences.

And there is no lack of authors, both in the spiritual and incarnate planes, who propose the mission of opening horizons, sharing experiences, clarifying minds and comforting hearts, according to the Spiritist Doctrine and its Codification by Allan Kardec.

This is evidenced by the extensive bibliography listed here. The works included in it inform about the early years of Christianity (Emmanuel/Chico Xavier), the Spirit of Truth and the third revelation (Kardec and Léon Denis, among countless others) and the discovery of the Spiritual Plan (André Luiz/Chico Xavier). There are also scripts and manuals for spiritual development and intimate reform (Ney Prieto Peres, Edgard Armond, Abel Glaser).

To books, therefore, because without study there is no progress and Kardec himself teaches: 'Love each other and educate yourselves'.

Fundamental Works of Spiritism

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