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The activities of the NURSERY OF LIGHT - FRATERNAL RECEPTION GROUP on account of COVID 19 and its consequences, went through some adaptations always in search of the best way to continue their work with their assisted, who in such a delicate moment seek in our home, a work of spiritual and physical balance to better face this serious and unprecedented challenge that afflicts everyone. In order to make it possible, some measures were adopted, such as:  

   -  Mandatory use of protective masks throughout the area of the

     Nursery of Light.

   -  temperature control and measurement, both of workers  

     how much  of the assisted.

   -  minimum distance  01 meter between the chairs.

   -  alcohol gel in all nursery facilities.

We continue with the face-to-face service at the Viveiro and for those assisted who for one reason or another cannot participate in the face-to-face session, the entire lecture and opening of the works are broadcast by LIVE in real time on Facebook, where the assisted can watch either live or when they can. , as all contents are posted and made available on our Facebook page:  https//: 

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