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  1. Unite family members, providing them with a more peaceful experience.

  2. Raise the vibratory pattern of the components of the home, thus facilitating the help of the higher spiritual plane.

  3. Study the Gospel in the light of the Spiritist Doctrine, making it easier to guide life according to the Master's example.

  4. Create the healthy habit of evangelical meetings, to awaken and accentuate the feeling of fraternity, which must exist in each one of us.

  5. Hygienize the home, elevating our thoughts and feelings, allowing easier influence of the messengers of good.

  6. Expand literal and spiritual knowledge of the Gospel, face material and spiritual difficulties, keeping the principles of prayer and vigilance in operation.

  7. To make the Gospel better understood, felt and exemplified.

  • The duration of the meeting should be approximately thirty minutes.

  • Children can participate when they are old enough or mentally enough to follow along without restlessness or fatigue. They can participate actively, according to their abilities, either in the prayers or in the comments.

  • Do not suspend the practice of the Gospel at Home due to visits, postponed outings or futile events.

  • Avoid comments about other religions or people, and do not engage in less edifying conversation.

  • Take care not to turn the meeting into a mediumistic work.

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